What is Rental Researcher?

Rental Researcher leverages Minneapolis Open Data to help renters in their housing search as well as give visiblity to landlord's properties and incident history. At your fingertips is the ability to search for addresses to view 311 activity, view all properties owned, and get a complete picture of the 311 history of properties.

What is a 311 Call?

311 is a service provided by the City of Minneapolis by which renters can inform the city of issues with the residence they are renting. If a renter has already alerted the landlord to an issue, but it is not being resolved, 311 may be able to help resolve the issue. There are several categories into which these types of complaints fall, but a few examples are:

  • Animal Complaint
  • Abandoned Vehicle Reports
  • Graffiti Report
  • Housing Code Violations
  • Noise Complaints
  • Residential Conditions Complaint
  • Sidewalk Snow and Ice
  • Street Light Out
For more information about 311 in Minneapolis please visit the official government page: http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/311/index.htm


Matt - Software Developer

Not only a software developer, but dabbles in rental properties.

Years of Landlord experience: 3 years

Mike - Software Developer

GIS specialist, no surprise he handles the geospatial data and map creation.

Years of renter experience: 4 years

Adam - Software Developer

Data focused developer who happens to know Matt & Mike.

Years of renter experience: 6 years